Thank you everyone for the continued support on the server. We are glad that many of you are enjoying the PvPLounge experience!

As many of you are aware, we have been operating on a closed beta for the past few weeks. Initially, we were planning on keeping things like this until our launch (within a few weeks).

Due to popular demand, however, we have decided to allow users to purchase beta access on our server; although we were not planning on doing this prior. We realized, however, that doing this would allow us to furthur testing with a larger player base, as with helping fund expenses so we can have an AMAZING server launch!

Many team members have been working on PvPLounge full time, and server development expenses has been out of our pockets. If we received extra funding, however, we can improve the PvPLounge experience by investing in services such Artwork, Web Design, Increased Teamspeak Slots, and more!

You can look at our plans on our store at http://store.pvplounge.net/. Thank you again for your support and we will continue to improve PvPLounge!

PS: Open beta will still be for everyone to join.

PvPLounge Team

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